• 2 Visits Per Year
  • Continues Until Canceled
  • $239.00 Plan Cost Every Year
  • 10% Discount on Jobs

Introducing our exclusive VIP Priority Membership – a premier service designed to ensure your utmost comfort and peace of mind.

Experience an elevated level of service with our comprehensive package, meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of our esteemed members. Central to this membership is our unwavering commitment to excellence, with a specialized focus on AC Repair and Maintenance.

As a VIP Priority Member, you unlock a multitude of benefits, with a primary emphasis on maintaining your air conditioning system's peak performance through biannual servicing.

Our dedicated team of skilled technicians stands ready to deliver swift and efficient solutions to any AC-related concerns you may encounter. Whether it's prompt repairs or proactive maintenance, rest assured, we have you covered.

Invest in comfort, reliability, and tranquility with our VIP Priority Club Membership – where AC Repair and Maintenance seamlessly merge into a hassle-free experience.

Key Features of Our VIP Priority
Club Membership Includes:

  • 10% Discount on all parts and additional services
  • 10% off UV lights, Filters, Surge Protectors and Thermostats
  • 30 Days LABOR on all services
  • 1 year guarantee on ALL PARTS
  • Prompt and Priority Service and scheduling
  • Regular Maintenance Check Ups - Twice a year
  • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts
  • Complimentary Text Upcoming Alerts